Why you need to start paying attention to Millennials

The image above is from Moore Wilson’s Wine section in Wellington – look at all of the wine! How can you possibly stand out on the shelf?

Millennials are very different to your typical customer – except, statistically, they are now your typical customer.

Did you know in 2015, 42% of all wine consumed was done so by Millennials?

“Oh, but our target market is in a higher socioeconomic demographic than Millennials.”

Sorry, but that’s simply not true anymore: In the same study as above – 17% of Millennials had purchased a bottle worth $20USD or more in the past month. This compares to the 10% average and the pitiful 5% of Baby Boomers who had done so. This means it directly affects you.

One more powerful statistic for you:

Millennials are four times more likely to purchase a wine based on the label than Baby Boomers.

So what’s the problem?

This isn’t just about wine. These changing consumer behaviours are affecting every industry.

Millennials have grown up absolutely swamped in advertising. It is more important than ever to make sure your label & packaging resonates and stands out.

How do you resonate with them?

Your label must be a visual communication tool – engaging the audience in a shareable way.

Until recently this was reserved for the largest of organisations. Yet with the advances of technology in digital print, W-rapt Labels can now offer this sort of innovation to you.

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